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Digital Media Production

kay delventhal

supervisor | artist | director:

As a compositor I use mainly Nuke and for CG Maya. I started to work with Houdini in Q1 2016.

And I always continued to do both - CG and compositing - often for Look-Dev and R-n-D as a combination of surfacing/lighting and compositing..

Demo-Reel: password: reel

basic info:

Born in Hamburg, Germany, in October 1965. Native language is German and I am fluent in English in writing and speech.

I am working in TV, commercials and feature film since 1992. After my graduation I shifted my occupation and worked as an Alias PowerAnimator Trainer. Later I moved into CGI/VFX for commercials and TV. In 1996 I joined Accom Inc. where I helped to build the first Virtual Studios for the BBC. In 1997, I joined the fx-center in Potsdam Babelsberg where my focus shifted to CGI/VFX for feature film. I started freelancing in 1999 as a flame operator and Maya artist.

time line:

2010-now : Teacher at The Animation Workshop in Viborg (DK)
1999-now : Self-employed as Digital Artist, CGI / VFX Supervisor und Director (CG Film and TV)
1997-1999 : fx-center Babelsberg (GER) as Digital Artist and VFX Supervisor
1996-1997 : Accom Inc. in London (UK) as a Virtual Studio Specialist and VS Set Design
1994-1995 : Video Art Production in Hamburg (GER) as Virtual Studio Specialist
1992-1994 : Media Factory in Hamburg (GER) as Digital Artist
1991-1992 : Graduate as B.Eng. (Hons) in Control Engineering at University of Portsmouth (UK)
1987-1992 : Graduate as Dipl.Ing. (FH) in Data-Technology at HAW Hamburg (GER)
1986-1987 : College of Further Education
1972-1986 : Middle school, followed by a two stage industrial training

in depth:

When I was young, I was creative in very different ways. I liked drawing, painting and clay sculpting as well as soldering models and sculptures. I also shot short films with my Super8 camera and made stop motion films.

After finishing my degrees (Dipl.Ing. and B.Eng.) I made a conscious decision, not to work as an engineer. I wanted to go back into some visual art or at least work in a creative environment. And I also wanted to use my technical skills and my knowledge of computers.

This way I entered digital media production and stayed there until today ...

Over the last 20+ years, working in a creative environment, I trained my creative capabilities with practical experience in a long list of very different media productions. And naturally self-educated myself using books, tutorials and on-job research and development.

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