Digital Media Production
Digital Media Production

cgi | vfx | supervisor

As a supervisor I feel very comfortable with creative leadership. I can build on deep technical understanding of work-flows and processes in VFX and CGI. Which is coupled with a good instinct for anticipating problems before they arise - and of course not all problems can be foreseen - I have become skilled in dealing with daily problems in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Look development: Trained eye for colours, light, surfaces und composition
Show runner: Solution oriented in conflicts and experienced problem solver
Problem solving: Well-founded instinct for technical und creative problem Solutions
Supervision: Experienced in planning, calculation and leading CG and VFX productions
On-set: Experienced with on-set VFX supervision for feature films and TV
Team building: Hiring of crew for departments, including leads and supervisors
Co-production: Experienced with international co-productions and outsourcing to external studios
Facility setup: Planning of hardware and software production requirements; recruiting of staff; set-up of branches
Pipeline creation: Planning and integration of pipelines for feature film and TV-series; scripting and prototyping

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